Friday, May 9, 2008

overcoming fear, overcoming betrayal

the kids affected by the tsunami perceive a sense of betrayal....that their beloved sea had betrayed their trust and turned against them. kids avoid the beach and the sights/sounds related to the beach. this puts them in trouble, they all live by the sea. even if they do avoid the sea by the day or brave it in the presence of the adults, in the nights, the beach is their toilet. but it is dark, makes frightening noises and to make matters worst, there is no one around....and so most kids resolve the problem by urinating in their beds! Bedwetting is common among these kids, even in those as old as twelve or thirteen.

the treatment? getting back their trust, making the Sea Mother appear more friendly, through some imagery....and fixing lights on the beach front.

Karaikalmedu kids

mental health camp for kids at karaikalmedu....